Peace, Literacy & Democracy

By Patrick C. Walker

Table of Contents

  1. Peace, Literacy & Democracy
  2. Empowerment Pedagogy
  3. Love-related Values and Relationship Skills
  4. Freedom-related Values and Self-Determination
  5. Social Perspective Taking Skills (available)
  6. Identity Awareness (available)
  7. Emotional Awareness
  8. Health Awareness
  9. Social Problem Solving
  10. Democratic Values
  11. Social Awareness
  12. Democratic Voice
  13. Peace & Democracy and Oral Language
  14. Peace & Democracy and Literacy
  15. Peace & Democracy and Critical Thinking
  16. Peace & Democracy, Classroom Management, and School-wide Culture
  17. Peace & Democracy at Home and in the Community
  18. The Social and Academic Foundations for the Growth of Democracy

These chapters have been written at various times. My hope is to be able to edit them consistently together in the near future.

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