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P&D Video Collection

We are in the process of developing the Peace & Democracy Video Collection which consists of over 250 videos of students engaged in core oral language activities. These videos can be used for professional development in workshops and in study groups. They can also be used to show students to give them examples of students trying to master these core social and democratic competencies.

Click here for the Peace & Democracy Video Collection Youtube Channel.

Theme Related Materials

We are also in the process of making available various Voices theme-related materials to support the promoting of a positive school culture related to the various themes. This includes poster and graphic organizers from the various Voices curriculum.


Research Related to Voices and Peace &Democracy

We will be providing a bibliography and related articles (if allowed) of theory and research related to all the social, language, literacy, and academic competencies taught in Voices and the Peace & Democracy eBooks.

Online Courses Coming

We are in the process of developing on-line courses to support the existing Voices curricula and the proposed Peace & Democracy eBooks. We plan to have on-line courses for each of the Voices themes available for the 2016-2017 school year.

Peace & Democracy (the book)

Patrick Walker, the founder and senior author of Voices, and the executive director of the Education for Democracy Institute, is just completing a book explaining the theory, research, and practice behind the core social and democratic competencies. The title of the book is Peace & Democracy. The PDF versions of completed chapters from the book will be posted online this spring and throughout the summer. Click here to see the table of contents and Ch. 4: Perspective Taking.

Online and On-phone Support

If you have questions about purchasing products or services or making a donation, you can contact us by e-mail or phone:

On-Line Support:

On-Phone Support: 1-844-540-8620

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