3. Modeling and Coaching

The Education for Democracy coaches typically come to a school for a day or more and provide one or more workshops as well as model and coach selected instructional practices in classrooms for teachers to observe, co-teach, or be coached. A typical day might include meeting with the principal and literacy coach at the beginning of the day, modeling and coaching in 3-4 classrooms during the day, providing a professional development workshop after school, and then having a debriefing session with the principal and literacy coach at the end of the day.

The focus of the modeling and coaching is usually related to the core instructional strategies and activities in the Voices curricula. For example, typically when first beginning to use the Voices curricula, the focus is on making sure that all the teachers know how to teach and model the core activities and competencies for each theme. In the first theme of the year Identity Awareness, the Voices coach would model or co-teach the personal storytelling activity in selected teachers classrooms so that everyone in that grade level group could observe the lesson being performed prior to their teaching it in their own classrooms.

Teachers can plan these lessons with their teacher partners and ideally co-teach the lessons together the first few times.

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