Five Types of Teacher Professional Development

The Education for Democracy Institute provides five types of professional development that are based on research that demonstrates that effective professional development takes place within close and stable relationships and when there is a focus on fostering mastery of selected social and academic competenciesadult development, and in particular, social perspective taking. The five components are:

  1. Leadership development: provide professional development and technical assistance to the educational leaders who will be responsible for overseeing and monitoring the implementation of the curriculum. (click)
  2. Customized professional workshops: provide customized professional development workshops that directly address the specific needs of the schools and introduce, explain, and demonstrate the selected social and academic competencies
  3. Modeling and coaching: provide one-on-one modeling and coaching for teachers as they learn to master the selected competencies introduced in the workshops
  4. Teacher partners: provide time and support for teachers to plan and teach lessons with their partners
  5. Professional development communities: provide time and support for teachers to meet in study groups to discuss how to improve their teaching of the selected competencies

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