Peace & Democracy Video Collection

Videos of Students

Story Telling, Role Playing, Negotiating, Delivering Speeches

Mastering the Oral Language Genres and Skills

Needed To Create a Peaceful and Democratic Society

This is the beginning of a collection of videos (254 videos currently) of students seeking to master core social, literacy, and democratic competencies that can help them prevent violence in their lives, improve their reading comprehension, and enable them to use their voices to advocate ways to improve our democratic society. 

Currently, we have six playlists. Each of these focus on a core activity that helps students and teachers master the selected competencies. The six playlists/activities are:

1. Tell Personal Stories (story telling) (Peace & Democracy Competency: Identity Awareness) 

2. Stand In Your Shoes (role playing) (Peace & Democracy Competency: Perspective Taking)

3. Role Play an Interpersonal Conflict (negotiating) (Peace & Democracy Competency: Interpersonal Social Problem Solving)

4. Present a Personal Freedom Plan (presenting) (Peace & Democracy Competency: Freedom-Related Values and Self-Determination Skills)

5. Role Play Resolution of an Inter-group Conflict (negotiating) (Peace & Democracy Competency: Intergroup Social Problem Solving)

6. Present Democracy Speeches (delivering persuasive speech) (Peace & Democracy Competency: Democratic Voice)

The mastery levels of these videos range from beginning to proficient. We hope to add to these playlists in the future and add other playlists that focus on other competencies. Please share these videos with others and share your videos with us.

This video collection is being developed to support the proposed Peace & Democracy eBooks.

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